Youth and Informal Employment

This initiative is part of  “Expanding the social protection system for young men and women in the informal economy” Joint Programme financed by the United Nations Joint SDG Fund and implemented in Ecuador by the International Labor Organization (ILO), UN Women and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).


With the support of Datalat Foundation, we carried out DATEA, a data analysis school for 23 youth organizations that worked with available data on informal work in four Ecuadorian cities where the Joint Programme is implemented: Guayaquil, Quito, Machala and Loja. In addition, participants were presented with additional studies and data generated by the implementing UN agencies to further their analysis on youth informal employment.

On this website you can find the following:


1. The need for data and information

The Joint Programme’s  aim is to facilitate the transition and access to decent working conditions and social protection services for youth, mainly women.  Information on youth informal employment is needed  for this purpose, which has been obtained from different sources, now publicly available on this website. 

Explore available data  on Youth and Informal Work  in Ecuador, available in Spanish.

2. DATEA: Data School

Gathering, analyzing and using data goes beyond existing information. We must remember that behind numbers, we can find human stories. In this Data School edition named “DATEA: Youth and informal work”,  participants explored techniques and tools to analyze and visualize data effectively. Datalat Foundation contributed with its DATEA methodology, andapplied in collaboration with UNDP in Ecuador. 

Check out the materials and  project’´s results from the Data School , available in Spanish.

3. Beyond Data: Stories of youth and labor informality

Check out the 5 research reports and story maps (data stories and visualizations) created by 23 youth organizations that participated in DATEA´s first edition: Youth and Informal Work.

4. Blogs and News

In this section you can read about the youth DATEA Data School participants, as well as other resources developed by the UN Joint Programme. 

Do you have a project, data or work related to young people and informal work in Ecuador that you want to share with us and publish on this website? Send us an email at !